New Hope Housing at Reed is an affordable, supportive multi-family housing property being developed by Houston nonprofit New Hope Housing, Inc. to serve homeless and at-risk families, most typically single mothers. NHH at REED is a four-story, 187-unit apartment community situated on a 6.7979-acre site. To the west is local Houston nonprofit Star of Hope’s Women and Families Emergency and Transitional Living Center, which will begin construction in 2015. First Presbyterian Church School play fields are to the east, and there is a City of Houston fire station on the south side of the property. It is located near the intersection of Highway 288 and Reed Road in Central Southwest Houston. The goal is to build a neighborhood with a continuum of care service delivery model, not a typical apartment complex. Children and their activities are accommodated to help these low-income, vulnerable families feel at home at NHH at REED.

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Access to the site is from a private street on the west that is being built by Star of Hope. The previously undeveloped site is overgrown with native and non-native trees that look to be 10-15 years old. It will be determined if some of these trees can be saved to provide a more mature look to the landscaping being proposed. A small portion of the northwest tip of the site is designated a wetlands area that cannot be built on. It does not impact planning or land utilization. Utilities come from the south and west. Star of Hope is providing all detention requirements for the property which allows NHH to fully utilize the site. A Metro bus stop for one or two routes, which will bring many of the children back from school, is planned adjacent to the west wing of the building. The west façade of the building faces the bus stop and has a two story sallyport to invite the children back home.


NHH at Reed is a courtyard building that wraps around the four sides of a one-acre central court that provides a protected space for outdoor activities. There are 36-one bedroom, 132-two bedroom and 17-three bedroom units. Required accessible units are provided. Twenty-one thousand square feet of conditioned shared community spaces support after-school activities for the children and classroom spaces for adult education and supportive social service programs.


There are six gateways into the courtyard from the surrounding streets that will be marked by one or two-story sallyports. A large lawn, a small hillock and an orchard that shades the tot-play area adjacent to the splash-pad address the needs of children from tot to teenager. Abundant bike parking organizes the expected bike population and also reduces the number of vehicular parking spaces required by the City of Houston. The parking and drive lanes double as fire-truck access on the perimeter.

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