New Hope Housing Dale Carnegie (NHH Dale Carnegie) is a four story apartment building wrapped around a courtyard that is fronted by a two story community building. The center of the complex is a cylindrical masonry stair tower that is lit by a slit of glass block windows running down the side. The top of the tower has a ring of glass block windows that will be a beacon to the neighborhood.

Two double loaded corridors form an L shaped backdrop to the triangular shaped interior courtyard space that provides a green oasis for residents. The courtyard has a series of walks and covered patios that radiate from the central stair tower element. The western side of the triangle is a single loaded corridor that opens to the courtyard side and has three- two story gardens on the ground level that let light and air into the courtyard. Additional masonry stair enclosures create strong bookends on the residential wings and allow views and breezes into the corridors.

The two story community building has a planted green roof that residents can view from the adjacent roof terrace on the third floor. This community building contains a front desk staffed 24 hours a day, a leasing office, support services for residents and shared living, dining and kitchen space.

It is an apartment community owned and operated by New Hope Housing, Inc., a local non-profit organization committed to providing life-stabilizing, affordable, permanent housing with support services for people living on very low incomes.

NHH Dale Carnegie is funded through a public/ private partnership that leverages low income housing tax credits with government grants and charitable contributions. The new building will house 170 single room occupancy (SRO) units, NHH’s signature affordable housing type that they have developed in Houston over the last twenty-five years. NHH’s SRO apartments are fully-furnished efficiency units suited for one person.

The unifying concept of the housing component of the development is dignity, a notion that the NHH Board of Directors defined with its initial housing property, built in 1995. For NHH, dignity means that the built environment foster independence and inspires internal change. Each unit has its own bed, window, air conditioning control, private bath, and a lamp and chair for reading. A microwave and full-size refrigerator also provide the ability to store and prepare food. Communal amenities include a kitchen, living room, dining room, training room, library, business center, and central landscaped courtyard for the residents and their guests to use. The communal spaces encourage residents to build relationships with their neighbors and come together for meals, movie nights and other social activities.