GSMA is an award-winning architecture firm recognized for both our design achievements and our contributions to the community. Our professional team is closely knit and collaborative, bringing a wide range of experience in residential, civic, and commercial design to our work. GSMA’s portfolio includes exceptional single-family houses, internationally awarded affordable housing projects, and thoughtfully designed community buildings.

Founded in 1996 as Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects, Inc., GSMA has never promoted a singular style or typology, but has consistently created architecture that reflects the voices of our clients. We see ourselves as “character architects” who develop an understanding of a client and project in the same way that a character actor develops a nuanced persona for a role. Like a character actor, character architecture is unique, memorable, and sustains a longevity that reveals its inherent integrity. Our commitment to a select number of projects at any given time protects our clients and insures that we can focus closely on the needs, priorities, and unique dreams that each project represents.

As individuals we are active in the Houston community, contributing our time to arts organizations, schools, neighborhoods, and civic planning boards, as well as celebrating and supporting Houston’s architecture with our colleagues in the design profession. Together with our clients we create buildings that have a positive impact on the people they serve and on the city in which we live.

GSMA creates architecture that delights, elevates, and reveals possibilities through responsive design. Our work is an artful distillation of our clients’ aspirations.




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